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Sulbutiamine powder

Japanese version of vitamin B1 Sulbutiamine was developed in Japan where widespread Thiamine deficiency was causing a high incidence of beriberi (a nervous system disorder) in the general population. Researchers noted that they had developed a substance that in addition to having higher oral bioavailability than Vitamin B1, also had a broader range of interactions with neurotransmitters. So how exactly does Sulbutiamine work? Supports energy production in cells; boost levels of acetylcholine in the brain - a neurotransmitter responsible for memory and learning; enhances creativity; increases concentration and attention; boost dopamine levels-improves mood and motor coordination; increases the quantity and sensitivity of dopamine receptors; can lead to heightened motivation, energy, stamina, and resistance to mental fatigue; treats depression and chronic fatigue (asthenia); treats other conditions that can cause lethargy or weakness. Dosage side effects The dosage for Sulbutiamine may differ slightly depending upon your reason for use. For nootropic effects


Agmatine sulfate powder

Agmatine - for stress and depression Briefly Agmatine fight stress; protects nerve cells from cortisol - antidepressant effect; agmatine prevented symptoms of alcohol withdrawal; Agmatine improves spatial memory consolidation; effectively treats neuropathic pain; has many neuroprotective properties; protects the blood-brain barrier; is an NMDA receptor antagonist; Agmatine is a safe drug with very few side effects. Agmatine is a neurotransmitter which levels in the hippocampus are correlated with learning. There is no hard evidence that Agmatine improves memory or speeds up the learning process or improves concentration on the task at hand. However, there are indications that it does. Therefore, the substance is worth a closer look. Agmatine is a derivative of arginine. It is formed in the body from this very compound, which is decarboxylated: arginine → CO2 + agmatine. Agmatine has both body and mind effects. It helps people who work out at the gym and those who


Phenylpiracetam hydrazide pure

Phenylpiracetam is an alternative to dopaminergic stimulants. Phenylpyracetam enhances focus, mood and increases energy levels. It improves memory and motivation, just like when taking some stimulants. However, it does not have as many side effects, and the potential for addiction to phenylpiracetam is almost non-existent. Phenylpyracetam does not get a high. The popularity of phenylpiracetam is growing. What is phenylpiracetam? It is a powerful nootropic agent that can improve memory, concentration, motivation, reduce anxiety and improve mood. Phenylpyracetam has been extensively studied and shown to be generally safe and effective. This very interesting nootropic was developed in Russia in the early 1980s. Russian scientists created phenylpyracetam by adding a phenyl group to the already well-known piracetam. In doing so, they created a compound much more potent than piracetam. It is estimated to be as much as 60 times more potent than it. It is so effective in improving mental and


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